At A’DAM VR Game Park we also offer various cool VR escape rooms. These are games where you have to escape from the virtual world before your time runs out!

Just like with a normal escape room, you have to solve puzzles, but in a virtual world. Our escape rooms can be played with two people and you have 12 minutes to escape. Escape a crazy doctor in Jacob’s Prison or find a way out of the nightmare of The Dolls Room.

Work together, find keys, solve puzzles and make it back to the real world in time before you get stuck in the virtual world forever.

Our VR escape rooms

Jacob’s Prison is a fun and exciting escape room and accessible to young and old. The Dolls Room is a lot more exciting and therefore playable from 12 years and older.

Will you manage to escape..


A'DAM VR Jacobs Prison
Play Jacobs Prison VR in Amsterdam. Amsterdam's Underground VR Adventure in the A'DAM Tower.


A horrifying escape room experience where literally anything is possible. Not for the faint-hearted. Find yourself kidnapped by a doctor in Jacob’s Prison or stuck in the childhood nightmare of The Dolls Room.