Open: wednesday – sunday 10:00 – 17:00 hrs | Reservations: monday & tuesday call +31 20 2159545

You can sit on the couch and play a game, or you can be inside one.

Descend into the underground A’DAM VR Game Park and discover a world of boundless imagination filled with the most exclusive thrill-seeking simulation rides, sensational free-roaming shooters and exhilarating escape rooms. And with over 600m2, there’s plenty to explore. Just come inside, roam around and pick your favorite games to play. Or let us guide you with our top picks featured in the Virtual Insanity Pack. Need a break from all the action? Sit back and have a drink in the hangout to regain your strength for your next adventure.

Our innovative VR technology is your ticket to a world only known from screens and dreams.

Dare to discover?



An immersive full-body experience where you wander freely into a world unknown. Go hunt for zombies in Arizona Sunshine, solve puzzles as a pirate in Corsair’s Curse or enter the haunted house of Ghost Patrol VR.

A'DAM VR Jacobs Prison


A horrifying escape room experience where literally anything is possible. Not for the faint-hearted. Find yourself kidnapped by a doctor in Jacob’s Prison or stuck in the childhood nightmare of The Dolls Room.

A'DAM VR Game Park - Beat Saber


Find your rhythm and slash your sabers to the sound of the beat while surrounded by a phenomenal futuristic world.

A'DAM VR Project Cars 2


Grab the wheel of your favorite supercar for the world’s most beautiful, authentic and technically advanced racing game. Who of you will finish first?


Buckle up for this interactive rollercoaster. While riding the special effects VR rollercoaster, throw your hands in the air and compete for the highest score.


Conquer your fear of heights while you shuffle along the ledge of an old building. Your virtual experience is reinforced by physical décor. Will you make it across?


Challenge your friends to a modern Wild West shootout. Armed with two revolvers, you can hide and duck behind objects while dexterously eliminating your opponents.



Just come inside, roam around and pick your favorite games to play. Try the 5 Game Tokens Pack. With these tokens you pay for VR games. Each VR game costs one or more tokens, depending on the game you play. Check our price list to see to see how many tokens you pay per VR game. Buy the 5 Game Tokens Pack online now and get 5 Game Tokens for the price of 4 and you’re assured of your game spot.

Or let us guide you with our top picks featured in the Virtual Insanity Pack. By booking the Virtual Insanity Pack in advance, you’re assured of your game spot and play time.

Looking for a ‘corona-proof’ group activity? Check the possibility’s to book A’DAM VR Game Park exclusively via

A’DAM VR Game Park only accepts payments by card.


A'DAM VR playground


A'DAM VR plattegrond mobiel


Looking for a ‘corona-proof‘ group activity? You can book A’DAM VR Game Park exclusively or join our regular visitors with a group. A’DAM VR Game Park has several packages available for groups (8-30 people), possibly including drinks.

For reservations and inquiries, contact

Kids Party

Are you looking for an original, adventurous and extremely exciting Kids Party? Then celebrate your birthday at A’DAM VR Game Park. We’ve put together a special pack with our most popular games for kids from the age of 8 years old.

For reservations and inquiries, contact


A’DAM VR Game Park

A’DAM Toren
Overhoeksplein 15
1031 KS Amsterdam

Groups (>8 people):

Tel: 020 – 215 95 45

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Opening times

Wednesday – Sunday | 10:00 – 17:00 hrs 

Do you want to come and play on a Monday or Tuesday with a group or a kids party? We’re available 7 days a week. Mail to or call +31 20 – 215 95 45 for availability.

A’DAM VR Game Park only accepts payments by card.


A’DAM VR Game Park is suitable for adults and children from 8 years and older.
Exception: Arizona Sunshine and Jacob’s Prison, these are for ages 12 and up.


Follow the directions to Overhoeksplein and park your car inside the A’DAM Parking below the A’DAM Toren. Parking costs €1,15 per 20 minutes.

Take the free ferry to ‘Buiksloterweg’ behind Amsterdam Central Station. Take a left on the other side of the water. You can already spot the A’DAM Toren building with Overhoeksplein behind it.

The entrance of A’DAM VR Game Park is located on Overhoeksplein, right behind the A’DAM Toren.

Please note: from June 1st it’s also mandatory to wear a face mask on the ferry of the GVB.