A’DAM VR Game Park is a 600m2 gaming experience located in the basement of the A’DAM Tower.
Based on RIVM guidelines, we ensure that our gamers can safely and responsibly visit A’DAM VR Game Park and experience our VR adventure without any worries. We have taken the following measures for this:


  • Our total capacity has been adjusted based on RIVM guidelines. All games can be played at a distance of 1.5 except our free roaming games. These games can be played alone or with several people from the same family or household.
  • We ensure maximum hygiene by offering disinfectant hand gel, wipes and extra cleaning rounds. In addition, all employees wear gloves and mouth masks. All VR headsets are disinfected before and after use. All gamers get their own disposable mask that can be used during all games as a partition between the VR glasses and the face.
  • All of our employees are trained in compliance with the measures. They will enforce if visitors do not comply with this.
  • The bar is closed at the moment.

Visitor Rules

  • You can make a reservation via our website for an affordable game pack with our favorite games; the Virtual Insanity Pack (€ 37.50 p.p.). By reserving this pack you ensure yourself of a game spot and no waiting time. You can just walk in if you like as wel, but people with a reservation of the Virtual Insanity Pack always come first.
  • Come to A’DAM VR Game Park on your own transport as much as possible. Under the A’DAM Tower is a large parking garage (€ 1.15 / 20 minutes) where you can reserve a parking space in advance via
  • Keep in mind that you also have to wear a face mask on the ferry when you choose to come to A’DAM VR Game Park by public transport.
  • Do you have health problems such as coughing, a cold or fever? Then don’t come to A’DAM VR Game Park. You can reschedule your reservation by contacting
  • When visiting A’DAM VR Game Park you are obliged to keep 1.5 meters away from other visitors who do not belong to your own household and to follow the instructions of our employees at all times.
  • You’re obliged to wear a mouth mask, so don’t forget to bring one.
  • A’DAM VR Game Park only accepts payments with PIN or credit card. We do not accept cash.